The principle of Enjoining Good and Prohibiting Evil from a Shia Rafidhi perspective- A Frank Method!

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The principle of Enjoining Good and Prohibiting Evil from a Shia Rafidhi perspective- A Frank Method!

2013 / 11 / 19

We Shia are incapable of thinking that we are meant to be the masters of our own social, economic, political and religious affairs. We should be the ones taking our own dealings into our own power. But are we?

There are plenty of mental shackles around our way of thinking. There is plenty of dust in our minds. Many Shia are imprisoned by rusty, tarnished and out of practice ideas. And most shocking of all is that many Shia disagree with that verdict.

They do not agree that we, the Shia, are being tricked.

They cannot perceive that dominance happens to be with others, that governance and authority are with someone else, it is often with the Bakris, especially in countries where we are the majority, like Iraq and Bahrain.

Yes, even In Iraq, the so-called Shia government is far too sensitive to the minority Bakris in Iraq, we still have major roads, districts, schools and colleges in Bagdad, in Iraq at large, and in Shia areas even called after the killers of our Imams peace be upon them like Haroon al-Rashid Road, Al Mansour district, Al Mua’atasim National University, not to mention the fact that even the curriculum of religious education and history in state schools in Iraq favours the Bakris, it favours their history and it favours their beliefs and tendencies in all accounts!!

Our sacred monuments and shrines are not only destroyed but also managed by the enemies of AhlulBayt peace be upon them, our holy places are literally occupied by them, like in Baqye’a and we are getting used to that. We the Shia are supposed to be the summit of Islam; we need to start realising that fact!

Imam al-Sadiq peace be upon him said:

: (ألا و إنّ لكل شيء ذروة وذروة الاسلام الشيعة, ألا و إنّ لكل شيء شرفا وشرف الاسلام الشيعة) ألا و إنّ لكل شيء عزا وعز الاسلام الشيعة, ألا و إنّ لكل شيء دعامة و دعامة الاسلام الشيعة, ألا و إنّ لكل شيء سيدا وسيد المجالس مجالس الشيعه ألا و إنّ لكل شيء إماما و إمام الارض أرض تسكنه الشيعة )

There is a summit for everything, and the summit of Islam is the Shia, there is honour for everything and the honour of Islam is the Shia, there is privilege in everything, and the privilege in Islam is the Shia, there is reverence in everything, and the tribute in Islam is for the Shia, there is a master for everything, and the master of any gathering is where Shia are present, there is a foremost for everything in this life, and the most primary in the lands is the ground where the Shia reside.

“There is a summit for everything and the summit of Islam is the Shia, there is honour for everything and the honour of Islam is the Shia”.

We have unfortunately imposed upon our general state of mind intellectual restraints, and they have become part of our general Shia psyche if you like. Such self imposed controls have impeded our will power to speak out against our real enemy, the government of Saqeefa.

Our real enemy must not be defined as our geopolitical opponents and Western countries for example. Our real enemy is the government of Saqeefa. Our number one enemy is and must be the enemy of AhlulBayt peace be upon them.

“I am at peace with those at peace with you, at war against those at war with you”, do not we read that in Ziarat?

Where are those Shia who talk the talk and walk the walk?

“I am at peace with those at peace with you, at war against those at war with you”. The people among us who enjoin good and prohibit evil are a rare commodity these days.

Where can you find those kinds of people? And when and if you find one, you will also realise that he is being witch hunted by many self defeated Shia around him.

Who is that person who can endure the task of enjoining good and prohibiting evil and bear all its harshly negative consequences?

This is a tough mission indeed because one has to withstand the society, the state, the community and may finish up with a vicious smear campaign. When you enjoin good and forbid evil, you will have to challenge the matters prevalent in society.

You will have to face the void customs in society. You will have to contest the widespread, yet void religious beliefs in the society.

You will have to defy all those issues.

If you wanted to take on board that mission, you will put a massive effort in daring those issues of:

1- Void religious traditions and
2- Void religious practices

Those matters are rife in Shia societies in particular. Your mission means that you will have to swim against the current. And it is really hard to do so!

How could you change that society whilst receiving blows from your nearest and supposedly dearest, as when you embark on that mission, the human devils and Jinn devils will suddenly emerge to challenge you? You will be oppressed, defamed and battled. Perhaps, you could be imprisoned, arrested, tortured and even killed because of that.

However, that way is assured with safety in the Hereafter! That is a true assurance.

What is really painful here is that we as Shia dumped our duty of enjoining good and prohibiting evil just as other sects did, when in fact, we are more worthy entitled to take up that duty.

We should try and fulfil what our prophet and AhlulBayt peace be upon them all have started. We should preserve that pathway.

Why had we as Shia suffered all that anguish for the last 14 centuries?

One of the most important reasons behind our suffering is: we used to resist oppression and oppressors, challenge evil and reject any illegitimate ruler who wanted to assume government over us.

That is why we are the Rafidha! We reject oppression, oppressors, injustice and any figure that represents injustice be he was alive or dead, Muslim or non Muslim.

We are meant to reject all forms and shapes of injustice; we are therefore the Rafidha, Rejectionists. This title was given to us by Imam al-Sadiq peace be upon him. We should be proud of upholding the title!

We have inherited that great history and glory, the glory of noble olden Shia. From the outset, the day of Saqeefa, when the coup d’état took place against the divine leadership represented by Imam Ali peace be upon him, we stood firm against the mutineers. We used to prohibit evil and enjoin good. We used to put up with pain.

Soon after the coup d’état, a group of true Shia like Salman, Miqdad, Ammar, Huthaifa bin Yaman, Khalid bin Sayeed bin Aas etc revolted! They challenged the first mutineer Abu Bakr bin Abi Quhafa in the Prophet’s mosque. They delivered speeches against him whilst he stood on the pulpit of the Prophet peace be upon him and his family.

Read about their speeches in history books, Sulaim bin Qais al-Hilali recorded their courageous speeches against Abu Bakr in the aftermath of the infamous event of Saqeefa. Those brave men stood in the middle of the mosque and shouted: “Oh Ibn Abi Quhafa! Fear Allah! Had not you paid allegiance on the Day of Ghadeer? What happened now? Had not the Prophet ordered us to accept that his Household assumes his succession? Why did you disobey the Prophet’s orders? Why did you betray the Prophet’s covenant”?

Because we had to enjoin good and prohibit evil, Shia throughout time had to suffer great difficulties ever since and until now.

Let us look now on what goodness and evil really mean so that we can embark on our duty of commanding good and forbidding evil on solid grounds.

As you all are aware that Goodness has many credible applications; meanwhile, evil also has many credible applications. The greatest credible application for Goodness is the Wilaya of Ali bin Abi Talib peace be upon him.

This sacred Wilaya is the greatest application of goodness. We have to make sure we enjoin and command it day and night. Let me give you a practical example:

When someone asks you to recite “Salawat” what does that actually mean? What does that signify? It indicates that you are doing wilaya/ tawla. You are doing it in a manner that indicates your loyalty to Mohammed and Ale Mohammed peace be upon them as dictated by Allah Al Mighty.

In other words, when you recite “Salawat” before Allah Al Mighty, that means that you are declaring loyalty to Mohammed and ale Mohammed peace be upon them by the simple fact of reciting “Salawat”- Allahuma Sali Ala Mohammed wa ale Mohammed!

Reciting “Salawat “ is your announcement that you are abiding by Allah’s order of keeping to, holding on, standing by and following Ahlu al Bayet peace be upon them. And you, usually, do not shy away from reciting “Salawat” in public view loud and clear.

Reciting it is a direct message to everyone, to the entire Umma, to go back to the Wilaya of Ali peace be upon him!

Evil on the other hand also has many functions!

The highest function of Evil is the Wilaya of those who seized Ali’s peace be upon him divine right.

Wilaya of Abu Bakr, Omer, Othman, Bani Ummya, Bani Abbas, those figures, their Wilaya, if you recognise the legitimacy of their rule, if you say they are the successors of the prophet, and if you take your faith from their teachings and their sayings, then that becomes the most absolute Evil that we have to prohibit.

These are not my words. These are the words of Imam al-Sadiq peace be upon him. Pay attention to this narration by al-Majlisi on behalf of Al Mufeed.

Mohammed bin Sa’aib al-Kalbi said: when Imam al-Sadiq AS came to Iraq, he arrived to Hira. Abu Hanifa came to visit him- now imagine the situation: Imam of Rafidha, Al Sadiq peace be upon him is visited by Imam of Nasibis and Bakris in his time, Abu Hanifa- He asked him many questions. Among the questions were : what is enjoining good? Imam al-Sadiq peace be upon him said: Goodness in Heavens and Earth is Ali peace be upon him! If you want to enjoin good, you have to enjoin the Wylaya of Ali peace be upon him. Abu Hanifa asked: what is Evil? He replied peace be upon him : Evil is represented by the two men, who seized Ali’s right, usurped his position and forced people onto his shoulders.

That was a direct definition of Evil by our sixth Imam peace be upon him. If you want to prohibit Evil, forbid the people from being loyal to those two. Disallow the people from following the son of Abi Quhafa and the son of Suhak.

These were the greatest functions of Goodness and Evil.

Now tell me! Who is committed to those kinds of enjoining good and forbidding Evil? What is their ratio in our communities? Shia do mix with all schools of belief around them. That is a good thing. Our Imams peace be upon them recommended it.“Our Shia are peaceful to those they mix with”. We are the people of peace!

We mix with others and coexist as well. Simultaneously, one should always keep in mind how he can guide a non Muslim neighbour to the true faith for example.

Each and every one of us should keep these questions in mind:

1- How can I enjoin good and prohibit evil?
2- Should I give it up or am I going be accountable if I ditched my task?

Unfortunately, most of the Shia nowadays gave up that duty, especially the second part, prohibiting evil. At times, some do come up on TV channels and invite people to the Wilaya of AhlulBayt peace be upon them, which is a good thing; Thank God they possess the audacity to do so!

Otherwise, they might have a complex like some of those in the past. They used to even ditch the duty of calling people for the Wilaya. They used to say: “why should we do that? Let us use Taqqiya”!

There is a credible and authoritative narration in our main Hadeeth reference: al-Kafi, that prohibits us from pointing out the names of Ali and Fatima peace be upon them in public.

Some of those holding that complex had understood Taqqya wrongly, misunderstood what Taqqya meant and could not absorb the words of Imam al-Sadiq peace be upon him: “Taqqya has conditions, if you misjudge the conditions, Taqqya will not be right for you”. You cannot apply Taqqya on all matters, at all times, at all places and regardless of circumstances.

Some in the past judged even that calling people to be Shia is Haram as that action is in conflict with Taqqya! They argued that we have to stay still, No Dawa and Tabligh! Thank God! That condition is not dominant now. Most of Shia do not believe in that, Alhamdulillah!

The problem is in the second part: forbidding Evil!

Where can you find a brave and fearless person who tells the people politely and boldly, we do not say be aggressive, who tell them that: For example that “the Wilaya of Abu Bakr and Omer is Evil I forbid you from. I offer you evidence and facts from your own authentic resources. I can prove to you the Wilaya of Abu Bakr, Omer and Aisha is Evil, keep away from it so that you enter paradise”.

And the evidence is plenty. It would be prudent if we start to record some evidence, at least 10. If you do not wish to write down 10, write 5 or one evidence. But keep it always in mind and have it handy! If at any point, at work, at college, in the market or outside, you go into a discussion with anyone, provide him with that one evidence. Be armed with it and offer it immediately.

He will tell you: why you ask me to reject Aisha? Is not she the mother of believers?

You tell him: Aisha is in Hell! He will say: Oh My God! Aisha is in Hell! Why?

Tell him: the Prophet peace be upon him and his family said: whoever tells a lie on purpose on my behalf and about me, he will reside in his reserved place in Hell! And you narrate in your authentic books that Aisha lied on the prophet.

In the narrations of consuming the type of honey called Magafeer, and in the narration of his marriage to Asma’a bint Numan and the narration of herself spying on the Prophet while he was at Baqye’a, she lied openly to the Prophet and about him and she declared that without a doubt. The fact that Aisha lied, she is in Hell accordingly and you would say to the one you discussed Aisha with that I forbid you to follow someone in Hell.

Let him get confused, let him go and research the matter and find out for himself.

Imam Ali peace be upon him said in Nahju Al Balgha: “do not let the utmost of what you gain in this life to be the fulfilment of a desire or appeasement of vindictive feelings (in other words, do not make your life, the crucial thing in it, to chase after desires or avenging those who wronged you, do not make that your utmost concern) “Do not let the utmost of what you gain in this life to be the fulfilment of a desire or appeasement of vindictive feelings, but make your utmost concern to be switching off falsehood and reviving the Truth”. Imam Ali peace be upon him praised the believers who turn off falsehood and revive the Truth.

Abu Bakr, Omer and Aisha are by all means the top symbols of falsehood that should be turned off.

We can not keep silent any longer. We watch people go away from AhlulBayt peace be upon them towards their enemies whilst we keep watching or keep being indifferent. We have to turn off that falsehood. Certainly, use evidence, facts and debate.

We do not turn off that falsehood by arms, but by the weapon of knowledge, by the weapon of words and good advice. By such arms we turn off falsehood and restore the Truth.

Remember that the deviated and deviating Bakri scholars keep away the deceived children of this Umma from the leadership of AlulBayt peace be upon them. They do not offer their children space to follow AhlulBayt peace be upon them. They know the Truth; they know the right of AhlulBayt peace be upon them in leading the Muslims as Allah appointed them, but they deny it and do their utmost of keeping others away from it.

We need to restore that Truth! Will there be problems? Yes indeed! Some of them will be disgusted by your words when you tell them to reject those oppressors. They label them, after all, as top believers and most just. You still have to carry out your duty. Let them abhor your words! No problem!

Al-Mufeed narrated that Imam Ali peace be upon him ordered at the aftermath of the Camel Battle some of his companions to go to Basra. He ordered them to say words that the Bakris will hate.

Don’t say I cannot say something that might make them upset! No let them hear it if it was the Truth! The nature of anyone who dislikes the Truth is that he will hate what you tell him. He might hate what you say initially, eventually he might be guided inshAllah!

He said peace be upon him: “abandon those who refused to support me and make them listen to what they hate so that they come back to us, then we will see them as we wish to see them”.

Just abide by the commandment of enjoining good and prohibiting evil and you will hardly be in trouble.

According to my experience, if you are committed to this duty, Allah All Mighty will relieve you, protect and save you from among the grip of enemies in an amazing way. Do not ever think that enjoining good and prohibiting evil will shorten your life by one second! You life will not be shortened. Imam Ali peace be upon him said in Nahjul-Balagha: “all the virtuous deeds and struggles in the way of Allah are nothing compared to enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil”. In other words, all your good deeds are nothing compared to that great duty of enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil. The greatest task is that. All other deeds are like a drop in the ocean in terms of size according to Imam Ali peace be upon him. Your reward from enjoining good and forbidding evil is like an ocean. The reward for the rest of your deeds in terms of size is like a drop from that ocean.“All the virtuous deeds and struggles in the way of Allah are nothing compared to Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil. “Enjoining good and forbidding Evil does not shorten life”.

(Do not you ever think that if you are committed to that duty, your death will get nearer? No! Imam Ali peace be upon him is giving you a guarantee! If Allah preordained you will live for 80 years, you will live that long, do not worry. Commit yourself to that duty your life will not be shorter).

Imam Ali peace be upon him: “Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil will not decrease your sustenance”. Do not you ever think that your money will be diminished! Do not worry! Allah will make it up for you! Imam Ali peace be upon him: “and what is even greater than that duty is a forthright word at the presence of a tyrant”.

Smack the face of a despot with an up front statement. Your courage is evident in such an occasion. That was the greatest deed of goodness. Had we committed ourselves to that, vicious leaders would have never been able to govern us.

The prophet peace be upon him and his family said: “if you do not enjoin good, prohibit evil and follow the goodness of AhlulBayt, the vicious ones among you will govern you. If your good ones pray to Allah, they will receive no response”.

Bottom line, in order for us to successfully perform our duty of forbidding Evil, we need to not immerse ourselves in Taqqya as if it had been an illness. When the Imam of our time peace be upon him reappears and seeks our support, some Shia, many Shia would let him down and offer the excuse of Taqqiya.

Just pay attention to this Hadeeth by Imam al-Sadiq peace be upon him mentioned in Al Tahtheeb vol 6, page 172, narrated by Abu Hamza Al Thimali: “By Allah! If you were called upon to support us, you will say: we won’t support you, we are under Taqqya! And that Taqqya will be more beloved to yourselves than you own parents, and when The Imam of Time arise, he will see no need in asking you for support and he will use appropriate punishment against you as he will treat you as hypocrites”!!

My final piece of advice to all those who now reached a point of considering to enjoin good and prohibit evil from among the Shia is heed the words of our Imam al-Khadhim peace be upon him, as recorded in Tuhaf Al U’aqool page 408, who said: “speak the truth even if it meant that you perish, as in such end you will be saved; and refrain from stating falsehood, even if that statement will save you, for it might make you perish in the Hereafter”.

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